GPS provides support to students who face challenges in the academic environment including students facing isolation and/or loss during the covid pandemic, first generation college students, students who speak English as a second language, foster care youth and students who are actively parenting and/or working while being students. GPS for Academic Success is being successfully integrated into existing support and student orientation programs, diversity education, program academic classes and mental health services. Through GPS Groups students receive additional support and connection that they need to address challenges and develop resilience necessary for success. The results are obvious. Students thrive and accomplish their goals! 

Join us in providing the support that students need to face the many pressures they are now experiencing and the radically different way in which they are expected to engage in their education. Train your team to run GPS Support Groups for students and support their ability to adapt to the new environment, have a place to connect even when apart and be able to be successful at their academic pursuits. When students have the support they need and are able to share their feelings and thoughts about the current situation, they can succeed even under difficult circumstances.

GPS can be led by student leaders or professionals.

"I thought I was going to lose my mind during Covid. The isolation was more than I could handle. My GPS group saved my life!"

High School Student During Covid