GPS Certification

GPS Certification is designed to support you to develop excellence and skilled leadership in the GPS Group Model.

Being a GPS Group Facilitator has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and empowerment to me personally! Every time I leave a group and witness the growth of the group members, I am brought to tears. GPS has made me the best leader I can be.

Certification Scholarships

GPS wants to empower you to make change! Scholarship preferences are for those with lived experience, serve people of color and those that commit to running a GPS group in their community.



Awardees will be notified of scholarship between 9/22 – 11/2022

This next level of GPS training is an opportunity for individuals who have completed the GPS facilitator training to refresh and refine their GPS facilitation skills. It is a dynamic, highly interactive and integrative learning experience that emphasizes hands-on practicum, discussion and advanced education in GPS in order to ensure the highest standard of competency and leadership in implementing GPS in diverse communities and settings.

The GPS Certification and Advanced Practicum Program is open to those who have implemented a GPS group as well as those who have not. However, running a GPS group will be a requirement through the duration of the Certification Program. Prior completion of GPS Facilitator Training is required for participation in the certification program.

Certification Process:

Attend Practicums

Minimum of 6 virtual sessions

Receive personalized coaching with GPS Master Trainers

Advanced Classes

Attend optional Advanced Education Classes on population-specific GPS groups 

Receive support and advanced education in GPS facilitation skills and managing unique situations in your population specific groups

Develop Session Plans

Submit session plans for your population using the GPS Group Model

Develop culturally co-created GPS session plans for your population

Achieve High Competency

In each element of the GPS model

Receive both in-person feedback and

written evaluation metrics