GPS Support Groups provide the opportunity we need when we are facing challenges. GPS helps us to connect with others, and talk about what is in our hearts and on our minds with other people. Together we realize that we are not alone, we are not the only one, there is nothing wrong with us, and that there is support available. By being with each other during difficult times we minimize trauma and maximize resilience. And that’s what we all need.

Attend a GPS Support Group and Feel the Difference

  • Attend a GPS Support Group – it’s the best way to understand GPS
  • Learn more about the model by experiencing it first hand
  • Explore if this could be a good model for your unique community, team, agency or organization
  • Receive support for yourself – you deserve it!

GPS SUPPORT GROUPS – Bring them to your community!

GPS is happy to partner with you in providing support groups directly for your community needs. Utilizing GPS trained facilitators, we will provide online support groups directly to your organization allowing you to ensure that your team is receiving the support that they need to face the challenges before them while staying on track together. For more information on how to bring GPS Groups to your community contact us here.

  • Addressing challenging situations
  • Having courageous conversations
  • Providing support in times of crisis and tragedy
  • Talking about the impact of racism
  • Building resilience against burnout and workplace fatigue

GPS SUPPORT GROUPS – Free and Online

Learn more about GPS by attending one of our free, online groups. You are welcome to attend any of the following support groups if you are a member of the community who is being served by the group. If you are not, please join us at the GPS for Everyone group.

GPS for Black Leaders

This is a unique opportunity to come together as Black people to support each other boldly as we share the challenges and joys of living and leading while being Black. Radical truth is spoken here. We get to show our full selves. All who identify as Black are welcome.

GPS for Everyone – Stronger Together

This Open Support group is for you to experience the unique support group experience of GPS. Whatever we are going through in our own lives, we all need support and will benefit from receiving support. The topics of this group may include support for healthcare workers, parents, those with illness, and those facing challenges based on identities, unique experiences and current events. All are welcome.

GPS for Moms of Infants ages 0 -12 months ON HOLD AS OF JAN 2023

Moms deserve support! Join other moms of infants who are also surprised by the unexpected experiences of motherhood. You are not alone. What you are experiencing is real. Connect with people who understand and care. All who identify as mothers and have infants under 12 months are welcome.

GPS for People in Recovery

“It doesn’t matter how much sobriety we have, being isolated and stressed during this pandemic has been really hard. All of our coping strategies are harder to do. It’s hard to deal with our roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes I wonder if I can make it.” Come join us and talk about the stuff you can’t talk about anywhere else. You deserve support. Facilitated by people with your lived experience. All who identify as being in recovery are welcome.

GPS Group Leadership Course in Spanish

Join us for our dynamic and inclusive GPS Facilitator Training and bring impactful, trauma-informed, evidence-based, and community-tested support groups to your community! Learn simple, yet profound skills that create safe spaces where Latinos can connect, establish confidence and build cultural strength to overcome the challenges in their lives.

Curso de Liderazgo de Grupo GPS en Español

¡Únase a nosotros para nuestra capacitación dinámica e inclusiva para facilitadores de GPS y traiga grupos de apoyo impactantes, informados sobre traumas, basados en evidencia y probados por la comunidad a su comunidad! Aprenda habilidades simples pero profundas que crean espacios seguros donde los latinos pueden conectarse, establecer confianza y desarrollar fortaleza cultural para superar los desafíos en sus vidas.


GPS Groups incorporate evidence-based approaches of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Psychosocial Education in a warm and accessible group model. GPS groups are deliberately judgement and advice-free zones where people can be listened to with respect. Participants heal, find their strength and connect with their courage to take conscious steps towards the lives they want to live.

“I have led groups for my entire career but never before have I found a model that matches the cadence of my heart. It incorporates a social justice focus in an accessible, welcoming way that both facilitators and group members can embrace.”

Meredith Pesce, Program Manager, Recovery Residences, Portland ME

“The GPS Model works. It is a powerful community resource, a lifeline of support, validation, perspective and healing that is missing in many people’s lives. GPS also supports group facilitators by providing a reliable structure and road map for us to use when serving the people we care about.”

Andrea Guzman, Maya Health Alliance, Guatemala

“Many of us have been leading postpartum groups for moms for years, but without a structure to follow, we were just winging it. GPS is a treasure box and is changing the way we are supporting moms in Arizona.”

Carol Sheehan RN, Tucson Postpartum Depression Task Force, Arizona

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