GPS Support Groups provide the much needed opportunity to connect with others, talk about what is on our hearts and in our minds with other people. Together we realize that we are not alone, we are not the only one, there is nothing wrong with us that we are having the thoughts and feelings that we are experiencing and that there is support available. By being with each other during difficult times we minimize trauma and maximize resilience. And that’s what we all need right now.

You are not alone. Join us at an upcoming support group. You will leave feeling connected, renewed, not alone and ready to take on another day.


GPS Groups incorporate evidence-based approaches of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Psychosocial Education in a warm and accessible group model. GPS groups are deliberately judgement and advice-free zones where people can be listened to with respect. Participants heal, find their strength and connect with their courage to take conscious steps towards the lives they want to live.

“I have led groups for my entire career but never before have I found a model that matches the cadence of my heart. It incorporates a social justice focus in an accessible, welcoming way that both facilitators and group members can embrace.”

Meredith Pesce, Program Manager, Recovery Residences, Portland ME

“The GPS Model works. It is a powerful community resource, a lifeline of support, validation, perspective and healing that is missing in many people’s lives. GPS also supports group facilitators by providing a reliable structure and road map for us to use when serving the people we care about.”

Andrea Guzman, Maya Health Alliance, Guatemala

“Many of us have been leading postpartum groups for moms for years, but without a structure to follow, we were just winging it. GPS is a treasure box and is changing the way we are supporting moms in Arizona.”

Carol Sheehan RN, Tucson Postpartum Depression Task Force, Arizona