We need immediate strategies to address social isolation and the mental health crisis that is barreling towards us. During the Covid-19 Pandemic we are committed to bringing GPS to as many people as possible and providing GPS Facilitator training for free or at a reduced cost. GPS is providing opportunities for appropriate mental health care and connection to address the immediate concerns regarding social isolation.  

We are providing support group training and emergency programs for unique populations. GPS Support Groups are an appropriate, expeditious, cost-effective and impactful strategy to break isolation, provide opportunity for connection in an informed and trauma-based way, and ensure that critical mental health needs are being met.   

Online GPS Facilitator Training consists of 1.5 hour modules that you can take at your own pace or do with us live. We offer practicums, mentorship and support. After completion, you can volunteer with us as a facilitator or bring GPS back to your own home community and provide support groups through your own agency, organization or community group.

FREE: GPS Intro Webinar Sessions


Introduction to Group Peer Support

An efficient, effective and impactful approach to address the social isolation and mental health consequences caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Join the GPS COVID-19 Perinatal Support Program

Join the national emergency response team of GPS leaders bringing a safety net of online support to perinatal families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GPS Facilitator Training 


Join us for free or reduced-cost GPS Facilitator Training during the Covid-19 Pandemic. You may be eligible for free trainings. Register to learn more HERE. See our calendar of upcoming trainings HERE

Crash Course in GPS: Essentials to lead support groups 

  • GPS Overview 1.5 hrs

In-depth Training: Learn all the components  

  • GPS Mindfulness Rest Stop, Guidelines & Safety – 1 hr 
  • GPS Realities & Principles – 1 hr 
  • GPS Check In & Reflective Listening – 1 hr 
  • GPS Grounding & Closing  – .5 hr 

Practicum Sessions: Experience,  practice, learn, and integrate

  • GPS Support Group experience 1.5 hrs  
  • GPS Fishbowl Practicum 1 hr  
  • GPS group practicum sessions 1 h 

Bring Your Support Group Online 

  • How to bring your GPS group online 1 hr 

GPS Perinatal Education: Learn about perinatal concerns during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

  • Perinatal emotional concerns during Covid-19 1.5 hr
  • GPS Perinatal Safety: Perinatal screening and triage protocols – 1 hr 
  • GPS Perinatal Covid-19 Curriculum – 1 hr 


In this profound and dynamic 2 – 3 day training, community leaders, professionals and peers with lived experience learn how to implement and lead the simple, yet transformational, GPS Model in their home communities. Utilizing both didactic and experiential adult learning modalities, participants will learn to create safe group environments for personal healing, resilience and recovery.

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  • In-depth understanding about the importance of trauma-informed group care
  • Specific leadership skill-building of trauma-informed GPS group structure
  • Experiential exercises about the specific lived experiences of group member populations
  • Discussions about intersectionality, disparities and impact of race, class, culture, gender identity on health, mental health and the ability to thrive
  • Practicums in implementing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing in group settings
  • Practicums in facilitating the GPS model to ensure proficiency

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GPS Certification

GPS Trained Facilitators may enroll in the GPS Certification Program to receive continuing education and support on the path of GPS leadership competence and to ensure fidelity to the GPS Model. Those engaged in GPS Certification receive personal and group support and coaching, through in-person monthly video classes with Master Trainers and GPS facilitators nation-wide and must complete the GPS Certification Packet. Certification can take from 6 months – 1 year to complete.

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GPS Master Trainer

After successful completion of GPS Certification, participants are eligible to apply to the Master Trainer Program. The Master Trainer Program prepares participants to lead GPS Facilitator Training in their own communities by training them in leadership competency skills, an in-depth knowledge of GPS Facilitator Training and providing mentorship to their home communities.

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GPS Licensure

GPS Licensure provides agencies, organizations, coalitions, and other entities with the flexibility to replicate GPS in a tailored way that fits your community. Licensing GPS allows you to host GPS Facilitator Trainings in the licensed areas with GPS Master Trainers.

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Bring GPS to Your Community

GPS is developed for rapid replication and accessibility. You can easily bring GPS to your community, learn the model and begin training people in your community to use this impactful and evidence-based model.

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