MASStrong for Health Care Workers

Receive up to $180 for completing surveys

Health care workers in MA are eligible to enroll in MASStrong, which offers group wellness support. 

All you need to participate is a phone, tablet or computer to join on Zoom. 

As a thank you for participating and filling out surveys, you can receive up to $180 in gift cards. 

Why sign up for MASStrong?

You deserve support. 

Being a health care worker is hard work and is even harder today because of workforce shortages and increased demand for services. The MASStrong Support Groups are designed to provide support to health care workers.

What do other MASStrong participants say about the groups?

“Everybody’s experience is different because every patient is different. But we still have a lot of the same things in common that we go through, so it was good not to feel alone.”

“Being able to share my stories with people who get it and were going through similar things was so helpful.”

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How Do I Sign Up?

Click here or scan the QR code below. 

What else do I need to know?

  • MASStrong groups are safe, confidential, and free
  • 1.5 hours long
  • Take place via Zoom with a phone, tablet, or computer 
  • Led by trained group leaders

MASStrong is a collaboration between GPS Group Peer Support and the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety.

For more information, call 413-570-0862, or email

MASStrong participants will be given an option to complete surveys, for which they can receive a gift card as a thank you.

The information collected will be used in a research study to measure the effectiveness of the group wellness support. 

Participation in the research study is optional. 

MASStrong is funded by the state of Massachusetts with federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, as part of a response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on frontline health care workers.