Join our free GPS group for new moms

Being a new mom isn’t easy. Join this free GPS group and let us know if GPS Support Groups are helpful to you. 

Receive $50 as a thank you for participating! 

Easy to participate

Step 1: Attend a GPS Support Group for Moms. 

Step 2: Complete a survey after you attend the group and receive $20!

Step 3: Attend more GPS Support Groups

Step 4: Fill out 3 more surveys and receive $10 each time!

More about the Mothers Study

GPS Group Peer Support, University of Connecticut Health, and Smith College School for Social Work have joined together to launch a new research study to understand the impact of support groups on health outcomes for postpartum mothers and infants

The study will support our understanding of the impact of participating in a support group on overall health, symptoms of depression and anxiety, maternal satisfaction, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the experience of parenting an infant and the effectiveness of the GPS support group model.

This research study is IRB-approved.

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