GPS Groups are a powerful approach to supporting people to step into our power as we address challenging situations. Whether we are addressing systemic racism, policies that target marginalized people, the climate crisis, or other important and pressing issues, we need opportunities to come together to share our concerns, feelings and speak our truth about the impact on us personally. In GPS Groups we believe that the only real approach forward is one in which racism and all oppressions are eliminated. GPS Groups provide an opportunity to look at our own experiences while preparing to lead and work towards a world that puts humans over profit and supports our continued engagement in moving our world forward. A commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression is at the core of all GPS groups.


GPS is a radical movement of honesty in action, connection and empowerment for all groups of people. As a queer, black activist I’ve found my home.

GPS is a paradigm shift for me; learning how to not be afraid to show my own emotions has freed up the mental space that used to be tied in knots trying to maintain a professional poker face. Now I can lead more authentically and take on ending racism as a white ally the way I’ve always wanted to!