GPS groups can be integrated into the health care system as part of the mental health pathway of care and to address chronic health conditions. One of the biggest barriers to recovery and healing is the isolation and stigma that come with many health conditions including depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions as well as health challenges like infertility, addiction, diabetes or hypertension. GPS Groups diminish isolation, reduce stigma, increase engagement and support treatment thus improving health outcomes and reducing health care costs. Consider bringing GPS into the center of your care for patients.

My depression was overwhelming. My provider told me to go to a GPS Group. I really didn’t want to but I dragged myself there. After one session, I realized I wasn’t alone and while there is still a long road ahead of me, at least I believe I can get there.

When I found out that I was sick I was shocked. I could hardly go to work. After I went to my GPS group I found other people who were also dealing with what I was dealing with. During the first couple of groups I couldn’t talk; I just cried. But now that I look back I realize that the group allowed me to feel my feelings so that I could take the steps I needed to take care of myself.