GPS Trainings

GPS is an evidence-based, trauma-informed support group model developed for rapid replication in an easy to learn and accessible format for both peer specialists and professionals. GPS is perfect for organizations, agencies and programs that want to offer consistent groups to diverse populations including those who are in recovery, struggling with mental health, behavioral health, or illness, refugees/new immigrants, new parents and many others. GPS trainings are interactive and provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the GPS approach. You can easily learn the model and begin using this impactful and evidence-based approach in your community!

Launching your own Group

Launching a GPS group for the first time in your community or organization? Learn how to bring GPS Group Peer Support to your community! Join Nelly Willis, GPS Program Director, and Crystal Gurney, GPS Master Trainer, in this webinar that will cover all the basics: 

  • Marketing of support groups
  • Outreach to community providers
  • Closed or open groups
  • Intake for participants 
  • Online or in person
  • Social media as a tool 
  • Safety protocols

GPS Facilitator Training - live online

This is the classic training, and recommended for teams or individuals who want to learn the ins and outs of the GPS Facilitator model along with a community of trainees. Intended for those new to and experienced in support group facilitation. Upon completion, trainees are invited to join us for Certification.

Learn the GPS Group Peer Support Model in this live and recorded online training. This engaged training with our diverse Master Trainers will provide you with the map to bring evidence and trauma informed support to your community, the people you care about and the people you serve. Live practicums and opportunity to connect directly with trainers and fellow participants are part of the experience. GPS Manual is included. CEUs for social workers are available.

GPS Facilitator Training - Online Self-Paced

The Online Self-Paced training is for teams and individuals who want to learn the GPS Facilitator model on their own time. Intended for those new to and experienced in support group facilitation. Upon completion, trainees are invited to join us for Certification.

Learn the GPS Group Peer Support Model in this online, self-paced training. Through comprehensive, recorded modules with GPS Founders Liz Friedman and Annette Cycon, you will receive an in-depth training in the GPS module. GPS Manual and live opening practicum is included. CEUs for social workers available.

GPS Certification Program - live online

Become a GPS Certified Facilitator in this live, online program. Those who have completed the GPS Facilitator Training may enroll in the GPS Certification Program to learn advanced leadership skills, develop unique population-specific adaptations and curriculum, and ensure fidelity to the GPS Model.

Intended for groups or individuals who completed our training and want to work with us and/or get further hands-on training and guidance.

GPS Supervisor Training - live online

This training is for anyone in a supervisor role supporting staff to run GPS groups. Learn more about GPS's trauma-informed, evidence-based group approach, how to support your team, how this group approach is different from other group models that your team may be implementing, and how to integrate GPS into the heart of the services that your program offers.

Note: This training is appropriate for those in supervisory roles who are unfamiliar with GPS as well as those who have attended GPS trainings in the past.

GPS Group Experiences

Bring GPS Groups directly to your community, organization or business with our experienced and trained GPS facilitators and provide evidence-based, trauma-informed groups that can help people connect, address critical issues and move forward in times of challenge and trauma. GPS Groups can be provided to small or large groups (100+) and are appropriate for diverse communities and complex issues. Contact us for more information.

GPS Customized Programs

Want to customize the GPS Model to run specialized support groups for your served population?

GPS can design a unique program for your agency or organization including GPS group experiences, in-depth teaching and practicums, mentorship and curriculum development for your unique population. Programs are available on location or online. Group prices are available as is scholarship. Contact us for more information.

"I've been leading groups forever, but it wasn't until I learned GPS that I found my way."

~ LaShonta Edwards, A Mother's Sanctuary, Houston, TX