“I’ve been leading groups forever, but it wasn’t until I learn GPS that I found my way.” 

~ LaShonta Edwards, A Mother’s Sanctuary, Houston, TX


GPS Intro Webinars

GPS is developed for rapid replication and accessibility. You can easily bring GPS to your community, learn the model and begin training people in your community to use this impactful and evidence-based model. Click these links to view free introduction webinars:

Introduction to Group Peer Support

GPS is an empowering group experience that provides a safe place for people to address the challenges they face, hear from others on the path, gain perspective and strength, and chart a course through challenging times.

Join the GPS COVID-19 Perinatal Support Program

Join the national emergency response team of GPS leaders bringing a safety net of online support to perinatal families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Next Training

GPS Facilitator Training: January-February 2021

GPS Group Peer Support is an evidence-informed group model that will give you the map to support people in your community. An efficient, effective and impactful approach to address the social isolation and mental health consequences caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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  • This training is open to experienced and first time group leaders
  • Live and recorded sessions options
  • 20 Continuing Education Credits are available to those that hold a Masters in Social Work

Training Scholarships

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Scholarship priority will be given to those who are targeted by racism and/or are serving communities which are under-resourced.

About Facilitator Training 

“GPS is a game-changer and a life-changer! I recommend it 1,000%”  ~ Sarah Garcia, MSW, Las Vegas, NV


  • A trauma-informed, culturally responsive support group model that is easy to learn and implement in diverse settings.
  • A structured and facilitated group model that is replicable and adaptable to language, cultural norms and settings and for diverse populations.
  • A model that integrates evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Interpersonal and Systems Theories and Psychosocial Education.
  • An anti-racist and anti-oppression group model that strives for social justice, inclusion and equity.
  • Based on a belief in all humans to heal, grow and thrive.
  • Translated into Spanish and Chinese.
  • Led by a diverse Training Team.

“GPS groups provide ongoing support for people facing a variety of challenges. As a counselor, supporting low income, first generation and students with disabilities, the GPS training was very inspirational and empowering. We will definitely use GPS in our program!” ~ Charlotte Capogna-Amais, M.Ed, Westfield State University, MA


  • Live practicums ensure competence in implementation of GPS. These are held in small groups to allow for personal coaching and mentorship.
  • Didactic Modules are interactive, dynamic and can either be attended live or watched recorded at participant’s convenience.
  • Didactic Modules address topics such as
    • Intersectionality, disparities and the impact of race, class, gender identity on health, mental health, trauma and our ability to thrive in challenging times.
    • Implementing trauma-informed Group Guidelines in online or live group settings.
    • Developing accessible Mindfulness practice for stress reduction.
    • Addressing honestly and openly the challenging Realities that may be taboo or difficult to share because of cultural, gender-based or other factors that inhibit emotional expression.
    • The Power of Human Attention to Heal Trauma.
    • Creating an environment of Warmth, Inclusion and Safety in online groups.
    • Engaging personal Confidence, Hope, Strength and Agency during these challenging times.
  • GPS Facilitator Training is geared towards both seasoned group facilitators and professionals, as well as peers with lived experience with no group facilitation experience.


In this profound and dynamic 2 – 3 day training, community leaders, professionals and peers with lived experience learn how to implement and lead the simple, yet transformational, GPS Model in their home communities. Utilizing both didactic and experiential adult learning modalities, participants will learn to create safe group environments for personal healing, resilience and recovery. All in person trainings are suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GPS Certification – Coming Soon!

Click the interest form link to receive registration information as we approach our 2021 program launch

Stay Tuned Now

GPS Trained Facilitators may enroll in the GPS Certification Program to receive continuing education and support on the path of GPS leadership competence and to ensure fidelity to the GPS Model. Those engaged in GPS Certification receive personal and group support and coaching, as well as education in advanced topics for group leaders through in-person and virtual classrooms. Written requirements are also included in this course. 


“GPS is changing the way we are serving moms and families in Arizona.” 

~ Carol Sheehan, Postpartum Support International, AZ

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