"I've been leading groups forever, but it wasn't until I learned GPS that I found my way."

~ LaShonta Edwards, A Mother's Sanctuary, Houston, TX

Learn GPS!

GPS is an empowering group experience that provides a safe place for people to address the challenges they face, hear from others on the path, gain perspective and strength, and chart a course through challenging times.

GPS is developed for rapid replication and accessibility. You can easily learn the model and begin using this impactful and evidence-based approach in your community.

For Peers and Professionals: Whether you're a peer specialist, have lived experience or a professional with clinical and subject matter expertise, GPS will provide you with the skills to run outstanding groups that transform communities.

Join us for interactive free webinars with GPS Group Peer Support to learn more about GPS's trauma-informed, evidence-based approach to group care social support, and mental health care for communities in need.

Our Trainings

GPS Facilitator Training

Learn the GPS Group Peer Support Model in this live and recorded online training. We provide you with the map to bring evidence and trauma informed support to your community, the people you care about and the people you serve.

GPS Certification Program

Become a GPS Certified Facilitator in this live, online program. Those who have completed the GPS Facilitator Training may enroll in the GPS Certification Program to develop advanced leadership skills, unique population-specific adaptations and curriculum, and ensure fidelity to the GPS Model.

GPS COVID-19 Perinatal Support Program

Join the national emergency response team of GPS leaders bringing a safety net of online support to perinatal families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out our calendar for current training events