Bring GPS Support Groups to your faith-based community. We welcome clergy and lay leadership from diverse faiths and paths of spirituality to learn GPS and integrate evidence-based, trauma-informed groups in your community. We know that many religious communities are eager to provide emotional and mental health support to their community, especially in communities where there is a lack of trust in the medical system or a lack of available resources due to poverty, racism or trauma. GPS supports faith communities to provide deep meaningful connection and opportunities to address mental health issues while supporting resiliency and integrating faith right into the heart of the GPS Group experience. 

GPS captures the essence of what so many faith-based communities want to provide to their communities – an opportunity to come together in a trusted environment and join together for personal and spiritual transformation. GPS partners with communities of faith to train both clergy and lay leaders in the GPS approach. Religious values and content are integrated into the heart of the GPS group allowing for religious and spiritual communities to provide trauma-informed groups. GPS groups have been implemented with Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities, as well as other spiritual communities of people.