GPS Customized Curriculums

The Group Peer Support model can be adapted to your served population!

GPS groups, in person or through video conference, create spaces where people can come to share their struggles in a courageous, welcoming group environment. They are perfect for mental health, community-based or social service programs.

Interested in bringing GPS to your peers or served population?

Academic Success

GPS provides support to students who face challenges in the academic environment including first generation college students, students who speak English as a second language, foster care youth and students who are actively parenting and/or working while being students. GPS for Academic Success is being successfully integrated into existing support and student orientation programs, diversity education, program academic classes and mental health services. Through GPS Groups, students receive additional support and connection that they need to address challenges and develop resilience necessary for success. The results are obvious. Students thrive and accomplish their goals! 

GPS can be led by student leaders or professionals.


GPS Groups are a powerful approach to supporting people to step into our power as we address challenging situations. Whether we are addressing systemic racism, policies that target marginalized people, the climate crisis, or other important and pressing issues, we need opportunities to come together to share our concerns, feelings and speak our truth about the impact on us personally. GPS Groups provide an opportunity to look at our own experiences while preparing to lead and work towards a world that prioritizes humans over profit. A commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression is at the core of all GPS groups.

Faith Communities

Bring GPS Support Groups to your faith-based community. We welcome clergy and lay leadership from diverse faiths and paths of spirituality to learn GPS and integrate evidence-based, trauma-informed groups in your community. We know that many religious communities are eager to provide emotional and mental health support to their community, especially in communities where there is a lack of trust in the medical system or a lack of available resources due to poverty, racism or trauma. GPS supports faith communities to provide deep meaningful connection and opportunities to address mental health issues while supporting resiliency and integrating faith right into the heart of the GPS Group experience. 


GPS for Bereavement creates opportunities for us to come together and address our grief in community. Bringing GPS for Bereavement groups to your community can help with the development of resilience and the ability to be with intense emotions and support peoples’ mental health. Whether the loss is pregnancy loss or death of an infant, end of life or illness, trauma or tragedy, climate crisis or COVID-19, everyone in your community, young and old, can benefit from receiving support as they grieve. Diminishing isolation, creating community and holding pain together helps us to make it through difficult and painful times and take steps forward in our lives now.  

Bring GPS for Bereavement to your community and begin the process of healing.

International Mental Health

In many developing countries, there is little access to mental health care even though there is an overwhelming burden of trauma caused by war, poverty, climate crisis and abuse. Women in particular suffer from enormous deficiencies in medical, economic and educational opportunities. Lack of access to resources, gender violence and isolation are endemic in many communities, and studies show that depression is the leading cause of disease among women in the developing world. However, there is virtually no understanding nor acceptability of mental health care for these women.


Becoming a parent is one of the most confusing journeys a person will ever take. There is no one “right” road. Each parent and child are different, come from different places, travel in different vehicles and are heading on a unique path of their own. Scratch the surface of any parent, even the ones that look like they have it all together, and you will hear stories of struggle and hardship; financial pressures, medical and mental health problems for parents and children, family conflict, addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, discrimination, racial, cultural and religious targeting, fear for our children’s safety, and even loneliness.

We all need a rest stop. We all need to refuel our tanks. We all need a map and some road signs along the way to help us on our journey. And we all need people to support and guide us when we feel lost or confused.

Recovery from Addiction

GPS can design a unique program for your agency or organization including GPS group experiences, in-depth teaching and practicums, mentorship and curriculum development for your unique population. Programs are available on location or online. Group prices are available as is scholarship. Contact us for more information.


Bring GPS groups into the workplace and move your team out of a difficult situation and towards connection and productivity. GPS can provide facilitator training for your leaders or bring in GPS facilitators to lead your team or company in the opportunity to connect, speak honestly, name challenges and move away from difficulties and back to a productive place.

And More!

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"I've been leading groups forever, but it wasn't until I learned GPS that I found my way."

~ LaShonta Edwards, A Mother's Sanctuary, Houston, TX