GPS for Bereavement

Grief can be overwhelming and debilitating whether our losses are recent or in the past.

We need a place to share our grief and experience companionship as we find a new way to live our lives after loss. This is not an easy journey and takes as long as it takes. There is no wrong way to grieve and each of us deserves a space to be with our grief and acknowledge our journey. 

GPS for Bereavement creates opportunities for us to come together and address our grief in community. Bringing GPS for Bereavement groups to your community can help with the development of resilience and the ability to be with intense emotions and support peoples’ mental health. Whether the loss is pregnancy loss or death of an infant, end of life or illness, trauma or tragedy, climate crisis or COVID-19, everyone in your community, young and old, can benefit from receiving support as they grieve. Diminishing isolation, creating community and holding pain together helps us to make it through difficult and painful times and take steps forward in our lives now.  

Bring GPS for Bereavement to your community and begin the process of healing.