GPS Facilitator Training

Upcoming Training: October – November 2023

We provide you with the map to bring evidence and trauma informed support to your community, the people you care about and the people you serve.

GPS is an evidence-based, trauma-informed support group model developed for rapid replication in an easy to learn and accessible format for both peers and professionals. GPS is perfect for organizations, agencies and programs that want to offer consistent groups to diverse populations including recovery, mental health, behavioral health, refugees/new immigrants and many others. GPS trainings are interactive and provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the GPS approach and are available both online and in person.


  • A trauma-informed, culturally responsive support group model that is easy to learn and implement in diverse settings, with diverse populations, and in multiple languages.

  • How to address the intersection of trauma, racism, poverty, disparities, cultural and gender identity, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, with compassion, transparency, and skill.

  • How to incorporate evidence-based approaches in groups including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction.

  • A strengths-based group approach that ensures an accessible, welcoming, and transformational group experience for all.

  • How to run groups that support, empower and benefit not only the individuals and communities being served, but the group facilitators as well.


Whether you are experienced or are a first-time group leader, you will learn skills that will change the way that you run support groups and gain the confidence to lead consistently impactful groups for your community.

  • Activists, organizers, and equity leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Clergy and lay leaders
  • Mental health and medical professionals
  • Peer specialists
  • People with lived experience and expertise
  • Supervisors and administrative leaders
  • Teachers and educational leaders
  • Volunteer leaders


You can easily learn GPS and begin using this impactful and evidence-based approach in your community!

  • Online or in person
  • Live modules for interactive learning
  • Recorded modules for flexibility in participating
  • Engaged teaching
  • Practicums and mentorship


We are committed to ensuring that GPS is in the hands of those who need it and who have been historically disenfranchised from resources and support. If you have barriers to being able to attend the GPS training and can commit to running groups in your community, please reach out to us.

“People are looking for safe places where they can talk about their lives. GPS creates that space and healing happens!”

~ Diane Ogunlade, Addiction and Recovery Specialist, Falmouth, MA

A Map to Support Your Community

“People are looking for safe places where they can talk about their lives. GPS creates that space and healing happens!” 

Diane Ogunlade,

Addiction and Recovery Specialist, Falmouth, MA

GPS is a perfect tool for diverse communities facing unique challenges. Whether you are supporting parents, students, faith communities, communities striving for solidarity, those struggling during COVID, those in recovery or dealing with grief, GPS is an effective and impactful approach to support connection, resilience and participant’s ability to act on behalf of themselves, their families and their communities.

GPS is a nationally recognized Group Model that is being successfully implemented in state, local and community settings, in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.